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The information on this site is designed to help you make an intelligent and informed decision. No meaningless content or empty talk, just information on the exact charges you are facing, taken from over a decade in the trenches.

Every endeavor, whether a war, training regimen or criminal defense begins with a clear and compelling vision of what you want. So the question is...

What's Your Definition of Success?

Every person who has been arrested and charged with a crime falls into two categories: a) people who have been arrested for misdemeanors, such as batteryshoplifting or soliciting a prostitute and b) people who have been arrested for felonies such as sexual assaultdrug offenses and armed robbery.

Success in Misdemeanor Cases

Everyone has different ideas of "success", but normally, for clients charged with misdemeanors, the Chicago criminal defense attorney's primary objectives are:

  • Getting you through the case with no permanent impact to your record and
  • Getting there in the quickest, least expensive and lowest risk way.

Misdemeanors are, by definition, crimes punishable by up to a year in jail. Typically, however, there is little risk of incarceration in these cases.

But today's job market is extremely competitive and clients are justifiably concerned with the impact a conviction or guilty plea can have on their earning potential and career prospects.

Depending on several factors, there are usually ways to achieve these goals through negotiations with judges and prosecutors instead of lengthy and expensive litigation.

For more on this tactic, read my guide on your Settlement Options.

For information on the specific misdemeanor you are facing, read my practice areas section for the specific crime you are charged with.

Success in Felony Cases

For clients charged with “serious” felonies, quick resolutions are usually not an option, so the primary objective is avoiding jail. How do we do this?

Often at the beginning of a felony case, everything looks like it favors the police and prosecution. After all, if the prosecutor saw a serious weakness, they could easily have declined to bring the case.

The key in these high stakes cases is to out-think, out-imagine, out-investigate, out-research and out-prepare the other side. Experience teaches that out of court action ensures the greatest possibility of success in court.

In many cases, there is a single piece of evidence that severely weakens the case against you leading either to total dismissal or a more favorable settlement offer. But it all rests on taking the offense: securing a video before it is destroyed, finding criminal history in your accuser's background, getting witness statements down on paper before they disappear…these are just a few of the many methods that can either hamstring or completely break the case against you.

For more on this strategy, read my Beat Your Case guide.

For more on the specific felony you are facing, read my practice areas section for the specific crime you are charged with.

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